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"Only What You Do For Christ Will Last
I Corinthians 15:58

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Scholarship Chairwomen: Dr. Mary C. Lomax

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Priscilla Ross Memorial Scholarship

The Priscilla Ross Memorial Scholarship, is given by the Women's Auxiliary of the National Baptist Deacons Convention of America.


  1. A high school student graduate attending or accepted by a college or may be a graduate student not exceeding 35 years of age.

  2. An active member of a church who has the endorsement of his/her Pastor, a Deacon or Deaconess of his/her church and the State President.

3. The applicant will be considered by NEED, which will be determined by confidential data submitted on the application.

4. Any applicant who is deemed or found guilty of immoral character or unchristian department, known to the Committee, his/her Pastor, Deacon or Deaconess, will be disqualified as a scholarship recipient. To ensure this monitoring of the recipient, the Scholarship Committee recommends that the scholarship is given in two installments: September & January.

5. Applicants from a different state will be considered each year (unless in cases of extreme hardship), to touch all areas of our convention.

6. The amount of the scholarship will be $500.00 per student (subject to change). Two students are selected by the Scholarship Committee.

7.  All sections of the application must be typed, including references. Failure to comply with guidelines will result in the application being disqualified.

Merit Scholarship

More information to come.

STEM Scholarship

More information to come.

Oratorical Contest

Each contestant must be a member of the youth group he or she represents.

  • Only one contestant from each state.
  • Age Requirement: 12–15

Spelling Bee

Age requirement: 11-14

  • Grade Requirements: must not have passed the eighth grade on or before the day of the contest.
  • Can not participate in the Oratorical Contest or the Spelling Bee in the Sam


Arts And Crafts

Open to all ages 
Arts and Crafts Competition information should be sent to:
Marsha Nelson