National Baptist Deacons Convention Of America Inc. And Its Auxilliaries

Deacon Earl J. Wilson Sr., President Parent Body
2022 Theme
"Only What You Do For Christ Will Last
I Corinthians 15:58

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National Baptist Deacons' Convention Of America Parent Body


From The Desk Of President Earl J. Wilson, Sr.

Greetings my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 
We thank God for blessing us through our 86th Annual Session of the National Baptist Deacons’ Convention of America, Inc. and Its Auxiliaries.
It is with pleasure that I express gratitude and appreciation for your kind consideration shown by electing me to the office of President of this august body.
I pray to the almighty God to give me strength and wisdom to carry on, so that this Convention will continue to prosper. This Convention has embarked upon something new and different while being plagued with COVID-19, which changed the way business as usual has been conducted. This year we shared a virtual session utilizing the ZOOM videoconferencing platform. We hope that everyone enjoyed the session as God blessed us and uplifted our spirits; and we pray that you were enriched for having spent your precious time with us.
We truly thank God for allowing this convention to continue moving forward in Jesus name. To God be to Glory for the Marvelous things he has done. AMEN.
Our Convention Theme for this Year is to “SET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER” (Proverbs 24:3-4 & Matthew 6:33). I pray that with your trust and confidence under my administration guided by the Holy Spirit, that we can collectively accomplish this together. 
The National Baptist Deacons’ Convention of America, Inc. and Its Auxiliaries make the world a better place where LOVE dominates the Heart, the Holy Spirit sets the standard and Kindness guides our actions. 

In His Service,

Deacon Earl Wilson, Sr.
Parent Body President 

2020 ~ 2021 Parent Body Officers


President: Deacon Earl J. Wilson, Sr. ~ CT

First Vice President Deacon Curtis Smith ~ DC

Second Vice President: Deacon James Gardner ~ MD

Third Vice President: Deacon Rodney Lewis, Sr. ~ SC

Fourth Vice President: Deacon Kevin Pearson ~ GA

Fifth Vice President: Deacon Richard Hucks ~ DE

Sixth Vice President: Deacon Charlie Jones ~ CT

Recording Secretary: Deacon Joseph G. Miller ~ MD

Assistant Recording Secretary: 

Financial Secretary: Deacon Howard Walker ~ PA

Assistant Financial Secretary: Deacon Maurice Coleman - MD

Treasurer: Deacon William Wise ~ NJ

Assistant Treasurer: Wilbur Napper ~ PA

Chaplain: Deacon Glenn Smith ~ DE

Assistant Chaplain: Deacon George Bradley ~ SC

Marshal: Deacon MacArthur Holmes ~ GA

Parliamentarian: Deacon Albert Coleman ~ DC

Assistant Parliamentarian: Alfred Powell ~ CT