National Baptist Deacons Convention Of America Inc. And Its Auxilliaries

Deacon Earl J. Wilson Sr., President Parent Body
2022 Theme
"Only What You Do For Christ Will Last
I Corinthians 15:58

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Deacon John Marshall

 Deacon John Marshall has served as the President of the National Baptist Deacons Convention of America, Inc. for the last 4 years, July 2016 - to July 2020.

Under the leadership of Deacon Marshall,  this Convention has grown. We are using technology to improve our visibility and reach. We are utilizing Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to reach a broader audience. Our Youth and Young Adults are more engaged in the Convention. Our website has been improved and upgraded, and new teams are being developed to meet the needs of this Convention and its Delegates. In the midst of the pandemic, Deacon Marshall instituted a Virtual Convention; a first for the National Baptist Deacons Convention of America.

Thank You Deacon Marshall for your service to this great Convention.


Deaconess Clarice Thompson

Deaconess Dr. Clarice Thompson has served as the President of the Women's Auxiliary of the National Baptist Deacons Convention of America for the last 5 years, July 2015 - to July 2020.

Dr. Thompson assumed this role after stepping in as Acting President in 2015.

Dr. Thompson has revamped the Women's Auxiliary, updating its bylaws, clarifying and updating the responsibilities of the officers and ensuring that the most qualified members are chosen to serve. Dr. Thompson has led by example. Dr. Thompson is an Instructor for the National Baptist Deacons Convention and the Congress of Christian Education, which awarded her with the Regional Instructor of the Year Award in 2019.

Thank You Dr. Thompson for your Leadership and Service to this great Convention. 


Call And Response To A Community In Crisis

 Our Youth And Young Adult Departments led a panel discussion on Social Injustice:

Moderator: Pastor Rodney Lewis II
Bringing our Community Concerns to the Light! Our National Baptist Deacons Convention Young Adult Department invites you to watch the replay of our virtual Social Justice Panel Discussion: "Call and Response to a Community in Crisis" and Part II: “Deeper Than the Surface.” If you would like to donate to the National Baptist Deacons Convention Of America, Inc and Its Auxiliaries, you can do so on CashApp at $NBDCYYA.